Welcome to Teenarama Incorporated! We are delighted that you are perusing our newly developed website.  The Board has worked very hard under the leadership of Ron Hunter our Webmaster to provide information to you about who we are and what we do. 
Teenarama Incorporated is a non-profit organization conceptualized by individuals who participated in the Teenarama Dance Party television show of the 1960s. From a reunion experience in 1998, we began to reminisce about those exciting experiences we shared in being a part of the first black television dance show for teenagers.  We began to dialogue more about raising community awareness of the Teenarama experience and preserving our legacy through our youth.

The Teenarama Website allows us to 'Go Green' because information about our organization will now be available through it.  Information such as applications for Membership, and Scholarship is now readily available.  Also, our Newsletter will no longer be mailed out but can be accessed from the website.  These are just a few of the features that allow us to conserve and protect our environment, and spare the use of 'trees' through our paper reduction.  We are very pleased about our contribution to the preservation of the environment.
We hope that you will share our enthusiasm in consideration of membership in our organization. Please sign our Guest Book and feel free to leave us comments. 
Yvonne L. Mills